Biblioteca Monaci’s books report that on

8th of December 1946, day in which the Virgin Birth was

being celebrated, Mr.Renato Gisci, goldsmith

by profession, moved from Via del Leoncino

to number 79 of Via del Babuino,

starting up the shop’s business which dealt principally

with watches, pins, cameos and antique necklaces.


The great taste and sophistication for unique

period pieces were unaffected by Mr. Gisci’s death

when he left the business to his wife Raffaella De Paolis

and their two sons, Diana and Benedetto,

to continue what he had begun.



Though the shop relocated from Via del Babuino,

the original interior, a doll’s house set in the

heart of Via Vittoria, has remained unchanged:

dark chestnut and brass scutchings, as well as the

shop’s sign (GISCI) in glass and bakelite,

haven’t undergone any transformations from

the very first day they were placed on the front

of the previous entrance in 1952.


With the love and respect for the past

which has distinguished each generation,

the Gisci family has won, over time, the interest

and trust of kings, high clergy, State diplomats,

and that Roman intellectual aristocracy

always in search of rare and stylish objects.



Following the best of traditions, after a period in

which the management of the shop was carried

out solely by Benedetto, on the

27th July 1999 he gave way to his son,

Renato Gisci, last link of this chain.

It is by no chance that he carries the same name of the

ancestor who gave life to a family which maintained,

passing from generation to generation, a passion for its craft.

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There was a time in which Rome welcomed the skillful art of craftsmanship branching

and dividing it amongst a number of its streets: it so happened that craftsmen’s shops specialised

in the manufacture of similar merchandise would be concentrated in one single street.


At this time, in the historical centre of Rome, Via del Babuino was famous as

a street for antique dealers, goldsmiths and stone engravers.


Jealous guardians of this ancient artisan skill, we repair and restore every jewel entrusted to us with precious care, bringing it back to its original splendor.


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